What is Earth?

He Holy Motherland is the main source of all the material wealth, which seems as alive, presently she is very energy (unpleasant) with the crimes a pearing owen all. With the devil spirit activities all the live creatures Viz men, animals, birds and trees etc. are in utter grief. The crimful offencesare crossing the stream live of the ocean being ready to vanish the existence of the Human being as well the culture. Therefore try to recognize the SODAGARS offensie activities being burdan on the earth & finish all such hindrences forever.

Resoected Anoop Swamiji Maharaj has discribed only a batter way for world peace creation in JAGAT HITKARINI Book. Please see to it coutiously and try to apply that parctically as for as possible.

Anoop Mandal Sanchore (Raj.)
Source : सत्यपुर टाईम्स (साप्ताहिक), सांचोर