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About Anup Mandal

Many many thanks to the Almighty, the light of the World, the All Merciful, the Formless who created the earth, the sky, the entire creation and nobody could unravel the mystery of His superb craftsmanship. To describe His glory is beyond my power of expression.

In fact in this book I propose to write on a subject which can be summed up as "the devils amid the deep sea".

To my horror I have witnessed strange and shocking misdeeds of the businessmen and moneylenders in India (known as saudagar-mahajans) and I thought it fit to share with you what I have seen and found. Therefore, I ‑ a humble Sadhu Anoop Das respectfully submit to all Hindus and Muslims, saints and sages, the pundits and the faqirs, the Kings, the emperors, the rulers and the subjects of various countries and kingdoms spread over all the continents of the world, that the dubious practices variously called as Jaduchala (witchcraft), Rakshash Vidya (demoniac science), Kafir Vidya (the science of the infidel) and Indrajal (black magic) are all acts of sin. The demon king Ravana had practised these devilish acts and thereby overpowered the deities of rains and death. He performed the Yajnas, (the rituals of sacrifice) and, thereby destroyed the thinking power of others.



What is Earth?
He Holy Motherland is the main source of all the material wealth, which seems as alive, presently she is very energy (unpleasant) with the crimes a pearing owen all.


गौधन रक्षार्थ जीव हत्या बन्द करने हेतु सरकार कत्लखाने बन्द करावें।
विश्वशांति का एक मात्र रास्ता कूदरत की धरतीमाता सर्वसुखों की दाता है, मनुष्य की तरह धरतीमाता भी एक काछब-स्वरुपी जीवित जीव है।


राक्षसी मायाजाल से बचने का रास्ता
इस मायाजाल में तांत्रिक शक्तियों का आप पर असर न हो इसके लिये आपको सबसे पहले अपना खान-पान सुधारना होगा। यदि आपका खान-पान शुद्ध हैं, आप शराब-मांस से दूर हैं तो आप पर कोई तांत्रिक शक्ति अथवा जादू नहीं चल सकता है।